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Wonderful prequel sets up the series

...It's a charming and engaging regency romance, well crafted and with the focus on a mature couple, Lady Lydia and Geoffrey, the Duke of Bentley that get a second chance of living their happily ever after.



It Had to be the Duke

I do love stories where the main characters are mature. Woot! This is a great prequel to a new series about the duke’s children...Christi’s writing is impeccable and you know she can give backgrounds that will tear you up. Oh, and you go Christi, writing about these mature couples attending a debauched soirée.


Great Beggining to a New Series

...When fate gives them a second chance at love at a mature age, Caldwell takes us on an emotional ride that is full of surprises. From the very beginning, I was hooked, and I can't wait for the series to introduce us to Geoffrey's children. Caldwell's books are always well written, full of challenges to overcome and can take you from crying to laughing out loud to swooning. This book is no different and sets up her next series nicely. I am always amazed at what she can pack into a novella. This is definitely a book that you don't want to miss especially if you plan to read the series.

-Tiffany Carden


I am in Love

I am in love. I am in love with this book. I am in love with the hero, Geoffrey. I am love with the love story of Geoffrey and Lydia. I am already in love with the future books in this series and I did not even read them yet. Christi Caldwell writes a story I do not want to put down, and this was no exception. I stayed up way pass my bedtime to read this. From the prologue to the end this book had me smiling and sigh because Geoffrey was so in love with Lydia. I do not want to give anything away, but even how Geoffrey handled his past mistakes made me love him more. It made me want more I did not want this story to end. 

-Rosemary M


A love for a lifetime

This story touched my heart like no other. How often does a love of a lifetime, a soulmate if you will, somehow ends up lost , altering the course of one’s life? Geoffrey, the future Duke of Bentley, and Lady Lydia, were inseparable as children and grew to love one another as adults, planning their lifetime together. But circumstances tore them apart, living their lives without one another, but holding on to that love in their hearts. Thirty-two years, and a lifetime later, Lydia, now a widow runs into Geoffrey at a party. It’s as if time stood still, as they both acknowledge in their hearts that their love is still there. This so resonated with me, and I could feel all the pain and unfulfilled desire in their hearts. So beautifully written, I loved and lived every page in this story.

-Catherine Burhans



It Had to Be the Duke


It Had To Be The Duke

Book 1 Prequel in the All the Duke’s Sins Series

Can the duke convince Lydia to try again? Or will past mistakes keep them apart, this time, forever

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