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A Definite 5 Stars...

This is a great read. It promises to have you craving more amazing books from the new series to follow, The Heart of a Scandal. I also highly recommend The Heart of a Duke series and others written by Christi Caldwell.



Beautiful Prelude

A chance encounter, mistaken identity, and a bargain bring Aldora and Michael what they each seek? Or will it disprove everything they thought they wanted?
A beautiful prelude to Christi Caldwell’s Heart of a Duke series that will leave the reader wanting to read more of this talented writer’s stories.

-Dee Foster


His Scandel or Her Scandel?

The story was fun & entertaining & really enjoyed Aldora's siblings & Michael's brother.I highly recommend this read to all historical romance readers!

-Lana Birky

In Need of a Knight

...Ms. Caldwell blew me away with this one. It was an absolutely stunning romance that made me laugh, smile, and even cry. The story revolves around a case of mistaken identity by a destitute young lady (Aldora) who is determined to save her siblings from the poorhouse... and the younger brother of a marquess (Michael) who was exiled for a scandal concerning a duel that he engaged in when he was younger, and still haunts him all these years later...

Overall this was an enchanting and beautiful love story that was filled with emotion. It's a tale of sacrifice, sorrow, joy, and love. Love for both your soul mate and that of your siblings. I literally adored everything about it and have nothing at all negative to say. I even loved the length, which was neither too short nor too long. Frankly, I have no idea why I didn't pick up this story sooner. I'm just happy I finally did and cannot wait to read more from this wonderful author.

-A Lady Vine Voice


Finding Love and Protection

I read this book when it was titled In Need of a Duke and it doesn't lose anything in the re-reading. It is difficult to be a young woman who is responsible for saving her family from financial ruin. As such, Aldora must make a good marriage with someone with a respectable title as well as a fortune. Aldora is a strong, independent female character who knows what needs to be done and goes after it. She is willing to sacrifice her happiness to save her family - even if she can't have a marriage for love she still has hopes that she can give her younger siblings that option.

Michael, the brother of a Marquess is surrounded by scandal but he has been working to change his life and although he might never be accepted by the ton he has made his own fortune and is an honorable man.

This is a quick read with a delightful story line and characters that you can't help but love. Well worth a first or second read.



Chapter 1

In Need of a Knight


In Need Of A Knight

The prequel story in the Heart of a Duke and Heart of a Scandal Series

He would rather be anywhere but London...Then he meets Lady Aldora, a young woman who mistakes him for his brother, the Marquess of St. James. The connection between Aldora and Michael is immediate and as they come to know one another, Aldora's feelings for Michael grow. 

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