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Exceptional…This series launch is an intoxicating romp sure to delight fans of historical romance.

-Publishers Weekly


Editorial Review

Readers will be drawn to Verity’s independence and Malcolm’s compelling backstory…as the pair moves between London’s seedy underbelly and high society to carve out a place of their own

-Library Journal


Author Review

Sizzling, Witty, Passionate…Perfect!

Eloisa James New York Times bestselling author

One more hit!

As I came to learn with Mrs Christi Caldwell’s work, she has it mapped out, her heroes have oft connection with previous works.
And here, she does not disappoint, while her heroes have not been seen previously, they are linked to an other couple.
You can perfectly read this first in a series as what it is a standalone story, yet as I have read Courting Poppy Tidemore, I confess I adored watching the couple of heroes finds its own epilogue.
And what a sweet epilogue with the best revenge ever.
I can only praise Mrs Christi Caldwell for her so very unique insight of the historical period, far from the ballrooms and closer to the real people. She is the bearer of amazing tales which feed the reader a kaleidoscope of emotions.
A 5 stars for this tale of approval and embracing one’s true identity.

-Elodie N. Vine Voice


Love is a path to redemption and justice

Verity sees a lonely man, determined to keep his distance from all, but with an honorable code of living. Malcom is fascinated by the courage and honesty of a woman who cared for her family for years. Malcom's plan for revenge take a turn when he comes face to face with those he plans to destroy. Verity little by little breaks through protective walls Malcom built in order to survive the brutal life on streets of London. There is so much more to this story - an unsuspected Judas and an unlikely hero appear in Verity's life. There is the budding romance, the abject poverty of those who society bears no responsibility for, the selfishness and greed that put others in harms way and the deep love of family and being true to what is right and just. A truly marvelous book of emotions and how we are and should be our brothers keeper - the thread weaving through this wonderful story is life's greatest and lasting gift - love!

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In Bed with the Earl


In Bed with the Earl

Combs London’s underground and find romance and danger for a missing lord and the lady who loves him.

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