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Not the same old story, very intelligent, but still has a happily ever after!
I would read this again and again.

-Debberae Streett


Happiness Forever

This book was short but packed full of events. The characters felt real and were so interesting. Christi Caldwell kept you entertained and summer this book up so delightfully in the epilogue. I really enjoyed this book.


A Heart Warming Read

...But will a day be enough for these two, who despite everything still long for what they lost! Christi Caldwell writes such character driven stories, and these two characters are no different. They are unique, fun, intelligent, and deeply emotional. You feel for young lovers torn apart, and root for them to reunite, despite the obstacles placed in their way! You’ll love it! Caldwell also paints a very visual story in this tale, that brought it to life for me! Delightful!



Old Loves Don't Die

...while her heart bleeds for her pupils, at the same time, her heart bleeds for herself, and all that could have been. You see, she actually has a husband. She's hiding, she keeps track (obsessively) of what he does, but she doesn't dare reveal herself.

Being young, she believes what she has been told. So does her husband - but he can't allow the status quo...

Maybe, on another level, this book is about realizing that sometimes, we need to trust ourselves and ignore the "adults" in the room. Sometimes, we need to stand up, turn around, and tell the others, I know the best!

-Patricia M


Chapter 1

His Duchess For A Day


His Duchess For A Day

Book 4 in the Heart of a Scandal Series

Can spending time together as husband and wife rekindle the bond they once shared? Or will a shocking discovery tear them apart…this time, forever?

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