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Loved this (long-awaited) story. Two people so very broken in different ways, and their journey to becoming whole again. This is Christi Caldwell at her absolute best! 



Christi Caldwell is my favourite regency author...

Christi Caldwell is my favourite regency author as she gets the period and her descriptions make me feel that I am actually there. This book is no exception.

-Kay A


A story you'll want to read again.

Just Brilliant! This was a gem of a story involving two people who both have troubled pasts. Elsie and William come from different classes in society but come together due to a set of circumstances. The way their story evolved was spellbinding...This was a story I didn’t want to end and will certainly read again.


A Hauntingly Beautiful Love Story

Christi Caldwell has worked her magic once again. When I found out that Ms. Caldwell was finally going to continue to write more books in this, I just knew we (as the reader) where in for something special. Elsie and William's story was a hauntingly beautiful love story that will leave you breathless and wanting more...



A Story that not only touches, but plays at every string of your heart...

In this book Christi has outdone herself. The emotion...the would get enwrapped in the world of William and Elsie. The story unfurls like a movie...the scenes are so descriptive one can vividly visualize the corridors of William's townhouse, the rooms, the garden...Elsie's world. And then there is word is enough for his silent love and support to both William and Elsie.
This book will definitely be one of the most treasured ones from Christi's pen.



Such heart and depth of emotion

To those lovers of historical romance who haven’t yet read Christi Caldwell’s work, I highly recommend this author. And those who have, you know what a treasure she is! She writes with so much heart, creating a world that pulls readers in with the turn of the first few pages, holding us captive and emotionally attached to her brilliantly developed characters.

You will fall in love with William and Elsie. Two souls hurting, one totally defeated and the other alone and trying to overcome the hurts and losses of the past. Can the connection of their past be reborn in a hope for the future. This was a non-stop read for me, late into the night, with my eyes hurting, until the emotionally draining and blissfully happy end. Absolutely wonderful!



Chapter 1

Her Duke of Secrets


Her Duke Of Secrets

 Book 2 in the Brethren of the Lords Series

With every exchange, passion grows between Elsie and William. Will the past steal their passion or will love find a way?

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