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A Wonderful Christmas Story

Christi Caldwell does such a beautiful job of bringing her stories to life. I feel like I am there with the characters and am rooting for them to get their HEA. I enjoyed Winifred and Trent's story...I don't thin you will be disappointed.

-Lori Q


A Delightful Holiday Romance

I quite enjoyed this one. Christi is one of my favorite authors for historical romances and she never fails to put a smile on my face with her stories. This novella has all the elements of a wonderful season romance: a reformed rogue that has fallen irrevocably in love with his best friend's sister and doesn't think he's enough for her, a young woman determined to be the master of her happiness and her destiny and an older brother that didn't quite get the hint. I adored both characters and their love story and how they fought for each other in the end...

Definitely a worthy read that will put a smile on your face this holiday season.



Man, that was good

I started smiling in the first chapter and I’m still smiling at the end. I just love the forbidden love themes, this one being the best friend’s sister type of story. The characters were great and their slow burning love story simmered from the first page...I’m blissfully sighing and this will be a reread, for sure.

-Up 'Till Dawn Book Blog

Lovely tale of finding one's place

When friendship’, love’ and family’s bounds are tested, will choosing one damage the others ...

With this short fast pace tale, Mrs Christi Caldwell again displays her talent to draw stories with tension and with characters trying their strength and will....It was a lovely story of two persons who do not seek society’s approval looking for wealth and rank but love and acceptance.
5 stars for this charming tale of resilience.

-Elodie Nicoli (Vine Voice)


A Lovely Romance between a Rogue and an innocent miss

A lovely romance to read this Christmas season between a handsome Rogue and an innocent miss...Will this Christmas season be the one that brings them together?

...Christi Caldwell always has the talent to create intense chemistry between her characters and I love reading the slow budding romance. ...

Friends-to-lovers and the Best-Friend's-sister are one of my favorite tropes and this book is a definite must-read for those who love the genre.



Another winner from Christi Caldwell

This is a sweet endearing love story.
From the very first page I was totally engrossed. I didn’t want it to end as with all of Christi’s books.
I just loved the sparks between Winnie and Trent I thought it was very sweet how Trent tried to be a gentleman after years of being a rogue.
I am amazed at Christi’s talent to bring the characters to life and make me feel as if I know them.

-nicola collins


Chapter 2

Her Christmas Rogue


Her Christmas Rogue

sweet Regency romance sure to have you smiling and sighing this holiday season!

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