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I Love Christi Caldwell's Stories

Katherine and Jasper are perfect together. A strong but tortured hero who needs saving by a strong but troubled heroine. The historical background plus just enough romance. 

-Judith Brosz


Love is the greatest gift-with a price

Poignant story of how love brings great joy and deep sorrow. Life is meant to go forward and not live in the past - and give us chances to those who grasp the opportunity. And the greatest gift is Love!

-Animal Lover


Great Characters

This book is a a fantastic character study. These two people have their issues and the odds are against them. She has self-esteem issues yet is headstrong and tenacious. He's got a ton of baggage that he can't release and robs him of any chance of love and happiness. It was interesting to see them come together.

-K Hudecek

Snow, an unapproachable Duke and a clumsy Heroine

The Regency Novel I liked so much in large part because the action took place off-season in the winter. Usually, most action happens in spring or summer, in the midst of the season of sound. The charm and atmosphere here was therefore completely different and was well transported by Caldwell right from the start. 



I enjoyed this book

The characters are well drawn, and I felt interested and involved in both the heroine and hero's complicated lives. It was difficult to put down - and I have re-read it a few months after I first did, and still enjoyed it.



5.0 out of 5 stars...

Christi Caldwell does something a little different with this unusual bluestocking- she makes her so very philosophical and wise. Throughout the book, Lady Katherine- a chatterbox when she is nervous - spouts the most delightful reflections of her life that turn into very wise philosophical meanderings. Nicely done, Christi Caldwell! Well- now more about the story...

Oh this is going to get ugly!! Join Christi as she weaves you through this fascinating tale of love and the grip that it has on a heart - especially if what is at stake is the love of a Duke! It's a wonderful story!!



Chapter 1

For Love of the Duke


For Love Of The Duke

Book 1 in the Heart of a Duke Series

In a desperate bid to avoid a match arranged by her family, Katherine makes the Duke of Bainbridge a shocking proposition—one that he accepts. 

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