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It’s passionate and gritty with heartbreaking situations and characters that will endear themselves to you very quickly.



Magical Read

...Caldwell has a gift of creating touchable, realistic characters who leap off the page and dare you to join their world. Five Days didn’t disappoint. I loved the heroine Lady Constance Brandley...Wow! Loved it! You can’t go wrong with a Caldwell romance.


Finding love in the most unlikely way...

...I really loved this book Christi gave indepth backgrounds and feelings of each of the minor characters and in what Constance and Connell were each feeling as each day came. It had me turning the pages faster and at the end you are wanting to know what will happen and of course Christi gives us a wonderful epilogue. Now I need to reread the whole series....

-Anna Katherine


Perfect Way to Finish a Series

...To say this book is a roller coaster is an understatement! To say that Christi Caldwell has written another book that quite possibly has plunged me into a book hangover for the foreseeable future is absolutely correct! Be prepared to laugh, cry, yell and if you're like me, have a large glass of Bailey’s because of a character’s pride!

-Cara Ross



This book was such a wonderful addition to the series. Constance and Connell were well-written and loveable characters. The story flowed smoothly and kept me turning the pages. This book was entertaining. I laughed out loud a few times and found sadness at others. It takes a special writer to become that kind of emotion...Christi Caldwell is one of my favorite authors. I am willing to read any of to her books without hesitation. Highly recommend this book and all others from Christi.




Five Days with a Duke


Five Days With A Duke

Book 5 in the Heart of a Scandal Series

Thrown together with the notorious scoundrel, it isn’t long before Constance discovers there’s far more to the Duke of Renaud than the world sees.

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