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A Sweet Tale of Forgiveness

One more lovely read Mrs Christi Caldwell delivers with her talent to paint life and its challenges with her many colors.

-Elodie Nicoli


Another Christi Success

It was down to earth with emotions that we all Recognize and own. The characters were fully vested with both strengths and weaknesses....with truth and deception. It is a page turner and a must read

-Diane Roberts

So Good

This is such a heart rendering story. A love story and second chances. So emotional and at the end I was almost crying. I know I will be reading this book again. A different story line, but I loved it.

-Katherine Sterling



Fighting For a Second Chance

This is such a beautiful second chance love story in true character of the amazing pen of Christi Caldwell. Her characters come to life off the pages as the reader can feel their hurt and pain of lost love , guilt and betrayal. Raised as a daughter of a famous fighter and a seamstress mother, Patience has suffered the loss of all those she loved and struggles to provide for her sister and brother. If her little brother could only win his upcoming fight, they would have enough money to live for a long time. Swallowing her pride, she seeks the help of the only man that she has ever loved, who also seriously betrayed her, Godrick, the son of a Duke and her father’s fighting protege. If he could only train her brother, then he might have a chance to win, but it could cost her her heart all over again!

-Katherine Burhans


Forever Love

A gem of a book!
A love lost... but is it truly gone? What will happen when their paths cross again, and she needs his help in training her brother? After lies and secrets have kept them apart for so many years, can their love survive or will pride and misunderstandings continue to rule their hearts. Patience and Godrick’s story is so beautiful, and you are sure to be moved by their emotional journey. As always, Christi Caldwell’s writing is amazing, and this novella is way too good to pass up.



Chapter 1

Fighting for His Lady


Fighting For His Lady

When the past resurfaces, Godrick will have to wage the most important fight of his life—the one for Patience’s love.

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