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This is another well crafted story that keeps the reader’s interest for the entire story. I especially enjoyed Honoria’s fortitude in facing her future.



The Taming of the Grump

...A fun cheering story of two mature people who have lived until now without any romantic entanglement why they are lost of how to address these new feelings.

-Elodie Nicoli (Vine Voice)

Love that was destined

This is a marvelous series not to be missed! Miss Honoria Fairfax (she appears in a few of the books in this series) is a 31 year old spinster who decided long ago not to be dominated by a husband - her parents terrible marriage played a big role in that decision. Tormund Stone, the Earl of Rockford, is forced to retire as a spy when his cover is blown during a mission...For two people determined to be alone, they are falling in love. Fate brought them together twice - only their hearts can choose love over safety. It is a sad and tender story of duty and fear and of joy and love that can overcome adversity and make life worthwhile. Another enchanting and heart touching story !!

-Animal Lover



Christi Caldwell writes romantic stories with heart and soul. Honoria is a spinster who is wary of men due to her parents relationship. Tormund is an Earl who worked for the Home Office. There is also Sara who is a dynamite 8 year old girl. All together the characters are interesting and a wonderful compilation. They are witty and funny. Honoria and Tormund spend time sparring as the sparks fly in their relationship. There are surprises to discover in the plot that add to the intrigue. It is sweet and happy Christmas for the couple as the story ends.




Devil by Daylight


Devil By Daylight

Book 21 in the Heart of a Duke Series

Can Honoria and Tormund each set aside their past and create a bright future? It's the holiday season, a time when anything can happen.

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