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This has been a story a long time in the making

 I loved this whole book even though it took my emotions on a rollercoaster. I cannot recommend this book enough.



Terrific Read

I loved this story, and these characters. Poppy with her spirit, bold and artistic lover of art; and Tristan a rogue yes, but a true man of honor that has loved Poppy, even when he tried not to because of her age, and supported and believed in her artistic talent, even when she did not. This story is emotional and gritty, full of humor and heartbreak, but throughout is hope and a brief in dreams. The dreams for ourselves and for those we love most. An absolute must read!


Courting Poppy...

 I like how Caldwell writes about complex characters that are relatable. Poppy is one of my favorite heroines. She has made appearances as a young girl in earlier books. Now she is all grown up and causing scandals wherever she goes. Tristan is the amazing hero in this love story. He also appears as a secondary character in a previous book. I liked his integrity and his honesty in the face of great personal loss. Can’t wait to read the next one.



Honor is how we view ourselves - love is all that remains

...Regaining his honor taken by his parents' plot is his goal. But what he will gain by society's acceptance cannot compare to what he will lose personally - the love and joy of Poppy!! Both are focused on achieving the greatest gift that is everlasting - Love!! Beautiful and heart-touching story of how a bond grew between a school girl and a rogue - first with common likes, friendship, and honesty. The Tidemores are the Best!

-Animal Lover


Chapter 1

Courting Poppy Tidemore


Courting Poppy Tidemore

Book 5 in the Lords of Honor Series

When an unexpected opportunity comes along for Tristan to restore his name, he’ll have to decide which matters most: fighting for honor or fighting for Poppy’s love.

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