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Captivated by a Lady's Charm...

Loved this story. These dark brooding guys just bring out the love of a good woman, even if said brooding guy thinks he doesn't want one. Christian finds out what the Tidemore women are made of when he meets Prudence. 



I Love Christi Caldwell's Books

I LOVE Christi Caldwell's books. The characters are always interesting and believable. The dialogue is charming, witty, and sensual. This story is no exception. Prudence really does try to be "good" but who can resist a rogue like Christian?


2 in the Highly Anticipated "Lords Of Honor" Series

Once again, Ms. Caldwell has hit her mark. Well written with engaging and interesting characters with a unique and satisfying storyline. Readers can't help but adore the H/H as they strive for their HEA. Romantic, realistic and enjoyable! A must for fans of Historical Romance. Can't wait for the next grand adventure!



The Perfect Match


Captivated By a Lady's Charm, nicely written by Christi Caldwell, is a romantic story with passion, scandal, betrayal and love. The characters, Christian and Prudence, are charming, and nicely blended into a well developed plot.

Christian Villiers, the Marquess of St. Cyr, despises the role he's been cast into...Lady Prudence Tidemore's life is filled with familial scandals...When Prudence runs into Christian on a London street, this charming gentleman immediately captures her attention...Just follow their journey, to see what will happen next!

Christi Caldwell is a talented author and I love her books, they are always refreshing, romantic and fun to read! If you love historical romances, then you'll love Captivated By a Lady's Charm, do give it a try, you won't be disappointed! This one is her second story in the Lords of Honor series, a beautiful series to follow!



Chapter 1

Captivated by a Lady’s Charm


Captivated By A Lady’s Charm

Book 2 in the Lords of Honor Series

Prudence wants the marquess and is determined to have him in her life, now and forever. It’s just a matter of convincing Christian he wants the same.

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