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An amazing read

The way she pulls you into the book you can feel the characters pain. A real tearjerker for me. Absolutely loved it.

-Kindle Customer


Detailed by a Baron

Christi Caldwell has written another outstanding story of suspense and intrigue. This love story is one of her best and I would recommend it to anyone.

-Kindle Customer


A Beautiful Pull On The Heartstrings

...Christi has added another rich set of characters to the Heart of a Duke world she has created and I am excited for more stories for these people. If you want a good story, with wonderfully engaging characters then this book is for you. I can say without hesitation this story will touch your heart.

-Therese M. Woolley

Finally Bridget and Vail

Christi Caldwell has hit it out of the park with this novel. The Baron has indeed beguiled me and everyone else who reads this book. Who needs a rake or a rogue when Vail is around? He's everything that is honorable as opposed to his careless and ruthless sire, the Duke of Nasty (Ravenscourt).

Bridget is everything that is good and pure as opposed to her horrid siblings, serial rapist Archibald Hamilton, Marquess of Atbrooke and the criminally insane vixen, Lady Marianne Carew, again disproving the popular Regency saying, "blood will tell." Bridget's "crimes" are motivated by love and desperation. Her redemption is ensured.

There is so much to love about this novel. You would think that at 14 installments Caldwell's "Heart of a Duke" series would become trite and formulaic. Ha! It has not happened. It just keeps getting better. We continue to meet new characters that spark our curiosity and imagination.

The Duke of Nasty is so prolific, Caldwell could continue to write about his progeny until well into her dotage. The only problem is that I might not live to see the end of this saga. Buy this book! Read this book! You will not be disappointed.

-Tracy DeNeal


...but this is definitely my new favorite...

Vail, who thoroughly intrigued us all from his own cameo in a previous story, is every bit the amazing hero we knew he would be. Compassionate, loyal, understanding, protective, and handsome? He is everything a hero ought to be and more. I cannot possibly say enough good things about him.

Bridget, whose family is full of the least redeemable characters ever, had my sympathy when I began this story, and my admiration by the end. Far from pitiable, Bridget is one of the strongest characters in the "Christi universe". Anyone who has read the Lord's of Honor series will know that is saying quite a lot for her! Determination, strength, courage, and unconditional love to spare, Bridget has everything.

Despite my general mockery of silly girls that cry in every story, this one did have me reaching for the tissues. Do not start this book until you have a few hours to sit quietly. Grab a warm cup of tea and some slippers, and fall in love with Bridget and Vail.



Chapter 1

Beguiled by a Baron


Beguiled By A Baron

Book 14 in the Heart of a Duke Series 

Partially deaf, with a birthmark marring her face, Bridget Hamilton is content with her life, even if she’s been cast out of her family. 

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