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Love after heartbreak

Such a heartbreaking story. Very sad and somber tones. Very well written. And its an absolute delight any time Lord Sinclair shows up 




This is a completely magnificent Regency! Christi's way with words creates beautiful pictures as you read. The characters run the gamut from exquisite to black hearted. ENJOY!

-Meri Overstreet


Viscount Redbrook and Miss

...Can his past be overcome? Will her secrets destroy them? Can they survive scandal?
I enjoyed this story. It highlights how important communication is in relationships. It also shows that forgiveness of one's past is the best way to move forward.

-Kindle Customer

Thank you I loved the book!

The characters are well fleshed out, and distinct from each other. Human nature being what it is a good writer can create wonderful characters and make the book so enjoyable. I find Ms Caldwell does an excellent job with her characters. And I find that she likes to take us through fun twists and turns in the plot that make it a better story than your average historical Romance. I also appreciated,ever so much, that she keeps her dialogue more appropriate for the characters and the time period unlike so many authors who throw in contractions all over the place, and we know that is not realistic, just by reading the classical authors. I have been known to toss a book out if it is supposed to be 17th century England and the characters talk as if they stepped off the set of desperate housewives or something equally ridiculous. I so appreciate that...I actually paid for this book, and it was well worth it....And I shall be finishing the series. I appreciate good authors, for they bring us so much more into our lives than bad movies or inane sit-coms. Thank you Ms. Caldwell!




This story is complex and well-developed with a twist along the way. The hero and heroine (and sub-characters) are interesting, likable and enjoyable. It has lots of emotion! I found myself to be very connected to the main characters plights and loved every minute of it. There is also humor which I love in my books, and it also moved at a steady pace. Another winner from Christi Caldwell! Highly recommended!



Spicy romance

Always Proper Suddenly Scandalous by Christi Caldwell is book three in the Scandalous Seasons Series. I confess to being completely intrigued by Ms.Caldwell’s writing. There is a depth and beauty in her characters that is rather rare in historical romance. Even though these books can be read as stand alone offerings, it is best to read the series in order. The characters are often intertwined in the stories. This book is about Geoffrey Winters, Viscount Redbrooke. He is a man who eschews scandal of any kind. When he meets the beautiful American named Miss Abigail Stone, he feels mesmerized by her. She is no proper English debutant. And Abigail carries secrets that once known threaten all she knows.
Truly a wonderful book. This series just gets better and better.



Chapter 1

Always Proper, Suddenly Scandalous


Always Proper, Suddenly Scandalous

Book 3 in the Scandalous Seasons Series

If Geoffrey learns the truth about Abigail, he must decide which he holds most dear–his place in Society or Abigail’s place in his heart.

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