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A heartfelt, beautiful historical! Christi writes with such grace and feelings and unique problems to the plot. The characters are either divine or repugnant but believable. ENJOY!

-Meri Overstreet


Three Willful Girls

The Earl's Mother is at her wits end. His three sisters are in need of yet another governess. Juliet's brother has just lost her home to this same Earl and she's going to get it back . Hmmm. He needs a governess and she needs her home back. Sit back and just enjoy how MS Caldwell weaves a marvelous story of love, lies and sacrifice...

-Kindle Customer

Sinfully Delightful

Sin is my all time favorite hero. My main book love. Every story he's been in makes me love him even more. I found a perfect match with Juliet. This story has intense moments and moments of joy. I love that Emmeline and Drake were back as well. There can never be enough Jonathan Tidemore aka Sin.



Wanted - One Lively Governess, Permenant Arrangement Could Result

This is another Christi Caldwell "wonder-tale!" She has proven herself over and over as an intuitive writer if regency romances, understanding exactly what her audience responds to! This is a lively story with great characters. The story moves so smoothly and quickly... "More, more," you find yourself silently screaming to yourself. What I enjoy about Christi Caldwell's books is that there will be more! Caldwell has created a 'village' of characters. If Lady Juliet Marshville and Lord Jonathan Sinclaire don't find their way to the alter in this wonderful story, Christi will surely bring them - individually- back to meet other great prospects. But the Sinclair family will surely continue with another adventure. The next story could be Patrice's story, or Penelope's story. It could even be Prudence's story. But no matter, I will be waiting for its release!



Chapter 1

Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love


Always A Rogue, Forever Her Love

Book 4 in the Scandalous Seasons Series

As Jonathan begins to see Juliet as more than a spirited beauty to warm his bed, he realizes she could be a lady he could love the rest of his life, if only he can convince the proud Juliet that he’s worthy of her hand and heart.

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