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Editorial Review

Rafe and Edwina are both honorable, stubborn, ultimately vulnerable and extremely likable people. Readers will be fully engaged in this delightful novel as the pair struggle to navigate the web of society expectations and gender prejudices to reach a happy ending.

-Shelf Awareness


Author Review

Along Came a Lady is exactly what I needed to read right now. Edwina and Rafe’s love story is ribboned with subtleties about gender roles and class expectations that make this novel both thoughtful and delightful all at once.

-Jodi Picoult #1 New York Times bestselling author


No, YOUR crying...

She's done it again... flawless prose that mingles the tropes of romance with characters who breathe both historical accuracy AND forward thinking...

Holly Hughes

My Fair Gentleman

Two strong determined people, who have struggled in life are thrown together, with some hilarious banter and interactions between them it makes for an exceptional book. Working together feelings between them grow and ultimately they fall in love, even with a few obstacles in their path they get their happy ever after. I laughed out loud in some parts and cried in others, every book Christ writes pulls at my heart strings. I look forward to reading the rest of this series to find out how the other siblings fair. I highly recommend this book for an amazing author.



Wonderful Story

Christi Caldwell continues unendingly to amaze me with the unique and captivating stories that tug at the reader’s heartstrings and leaves this one always sighing and anticipating the next release.

Love everything about “Along Came A Lady”, from the title, the cover, and oh, the magic within! Not your conventional regency romance… never with this author.

Rafe and Edwina’s journey from the coalfields of Staffordshire, England to the ballrooms of London is one you won’t want to miss. A beautiful love story. So anxious for more of the Duke of Bentley’s family.

Susan F

Along Came a Lady


Along Came a Lady

The brooding, illegitimate son of a duke meets his match in the determined woman hired to transform him into a gentleman.

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