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Since it deals with the effects of PTSD, this, the third in the Wantons of Waverton series, is darker than most Regencies…Recommended

-Historical Novels Review


Fans will enjoy seeing these former lovers come together once again.

-Library Journal


Wow...5 Stars and more

A truly wonderful read !! Christi Caldwell has, again, outdone herself with this tale. Totally recommend A Wanton for All Seasons, and each and every one of her previous books.. Indulge & Be Delighted !!!

M MacDonald

Wanton is wonderful

...a beautiful and poignant tale of second chance love, following heartbreak and separation after the trauma of Peterloo. This wonderfully crafted story examines how trauma effects those who survive in different ways and how those around them deal with the individuals living with the demons left behind. Caldwell’s characters in Annalee, who has featured in the previous books in the series, lives life on the edge. Wayland Smith, Lord Darlington, who you just begin to know is the opposite, yet their shared experience makes them supportive of each other for understanding the trauma, while their friendship and memories bond them and make them hope for a future together, despite expectations! The story is moving beyond words, and has many emotions, so I’m glad I had a tissue handy. Wonderful, wonderful read!!



You'll want to read...

It was such a pleasure to read a book with strong women characters, a compelling plot line, and a happily ever after, even if it was a long time overdue. The two main characters were trying to overcome the horrors of being at Peterloo, each taking their own and very different route. The story unfolded slowly allowing the reader to fully absorb both characters coping methods and allowing an even sweeter happy ending when the happy resolution finally came. I especially enjoyed two feisty sisters and hope to see them on future books.

Miss J

A Wanton for All Seasons


A Wanton for All Seasons

Love is more than a charade as  two wounded hearts reunite in a stirring novel about second chances, scandal, and defiant romance.

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