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Absolutely Exquisite!

Christi has crafted an amazing Regency! The story will make you laugh out loud, cry, sigh, and turn pages faster than you ever do. These characters are PERFECT and so relatable. Read NOW!

-Meri Overstreet


Love at Christmas

An easy reading, delightful book with filled with love during Christmas time. I enjoyed the simplicity of the characters. I really enjoyed the book.



So A Marquess for Christmas...

I really cannot even tell you just how much I LOVE THIS BOOK! From the first sentence I was in tears...

The whole story was magical for me, as someone that used to live near Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park, I LOVE it when the writer gets the locations and the feel of the place correct and Christi hits the nail on the head. The writing is smooth and the story is delicious and adding to the trifecta there is not a plot whole to be found, which makes me very happy?



A Shining Ornament on the Novella Tree

This novella truly is a gift. It is a Christmas story that actually does take place in the Christmas season and incorporates the time of year and celebration preparation in the story...

This novella is a great way to take a break and enjoy a brief story arc from a rather bleak beginning to a satisfactory happy ending.

I'd find it perfect with fewer reminders along the way of how the H and h feel and why. I remember and can connect the dots without quite so much leading by the author.

Among the crop of Christmas novellas, this one shines.

-Ann Elliot (Vine Voice)


Chapter 1

A Marquess for Christmas


A Marquess For Christmas

Book 5 in the Scandalous Seasons Series

At the Christmastide season, a time of hope and new beginnings. However, as Patrina’s scandalous past threatens their future and the happiness of his children, they are both left to determine if love is enough.

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