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I enjoy all of Christi Caldwell's novels. I love the characters, and the descriptive stories.
This was a great series,




May I suggest all readers of love and romance to please read A Heart of a Duke Collection Volume 1. I cannot hand pick any favourites because all the stories are an amazing read! Truly Wow! Thank you for this wonderful collection. I love it from start to finish.

-Kukay Pinay

A Heart Winning Collection

A Heart of a Duke Collection: Volume 1 by Christi Caldwell contains the first 8 stories in her Heart of a Duke series. Each story is unique in its own way, yet interwoven by the characters and a fabled gypsy pendant, that when worn by a young lady she will win the heart of a Duke, or her true love...

Each of these stories is character driven with relatable characters in that they share self-doubt and insecurities that many of us do, based on personal life experiences. The stories are poignant and touching, they make you laugh, cry and as any great romance find love. Great reads........all of them!!!



Love Christi

The part I love about these books is how all characters are joined. Some of them you hate from the beginning and I came to like them or understand why they are who they are. Some you just want to strangle. Then there is the, I remember her or him. I enjoyed all the stories and binge read them all.

-Valery Newton

A Heart of a Duke Collection: Vol 1


A Heart Of A Duke Collection: Vol 1

Read EIGHT FULL LENGTH novels and short novels in CHRISTI CALDWELL’S USA Today Bestselling collection

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