Devoured this book

Claire is so driven and adorable you just can’t help but root for her every step of the way. Caleb is the brooding and dark type that gets drawn in by her light, like a moth to a flame. There is humor and tension along the way for these two foes until they realize they desperately need each other. *chefs kiss* and the cherry on top is that they both have a love of art, they understand each other on a different level which is very unique and beautiful.



Well crafted, enjoyable

In "A Groom of Her Own", Caldwell brings heat and tension and a well crafted story. A strong willed heroine and a brooding hero. Thoroughly enjoyable romance.

-Andy in Canada


Sweet and Angsty

This story is sweet in the sense that it is so refreshingly honest. Not to mention the plot is so unique. From the pain & heartbreak to the hope and love portrayed in the story, everything is rife with emotions. This is an enemies to lovers romance and the steam is (really hot). Two stubborn souls find what they were searching for all along in the most unlikeliest place of each other.



A powerful, passionate and at times heartbreaking story, full of emotion and two broken souls, bring this first in a new series to an amazing beginning. A brilliant imagination to now focus on the lives of those families associated with The Lost Lords and what happened when the truth came out.

Claire Popular had lost so much due to her families scandal. But she was desperate to obtain lessons to her her in her art. He one focus had been to take those lessons from artist Caleb Gray, who she had met when he gave lessons to her now sister in law Poppy... It seemed he disliked her greatly.

Caleb Gray, an American, had endured so much, he made my heart ache. All he wants is to travel and hone his art but he needs more funds to do so...They inadvertently start helping each other.

Amazing. Did I say that? Amazing how Christi brings the dark to light and the despair to happiness through the incredible pages of her imagination... Who will be next?

-Lori Dykes


Love is Art

After the Lost Lords Scandal came to light, innocent ladies reputations ended up shattered and destroyed with them paying the price for their families nefarious deeds. Claire Poplar, sister to Tristan and sister-in-law to Poppy, is our heroine. Determined to make her own way in the world away from polite society’s scorn and not be a burden to her beloved family she tries to enlist the help of Poppy’s art instructor the taciturn Caleb Grey, our reluctant hero. He refuses her plea for art lessons and sends her on her way none too politely either! They are brought together by chance and it forces them each to face their painful pasts through their joint love of art. Through a few bumps along the way love blossoms and they each find the muse once thought lost forever. Just when I think she can’t possibly get better Christi proves me wrong and delivers a book of the highest quality. Her writing goes from strength to strength. I can say with all honesty no one comes close to her in regency romance, her characters have depth and a rawness to them. The subject matter has a realness to it which can be difficult to read at times but again this is what sets her apart and in a class of her own. I cannot recommend this book enough, you don’t have to read the Lost Lords to understand this book but after you read this you will want to.



A Groom of Her Own


A Groom Of Her Own

Book 1 in the Scandalous Affairs

Years earlier, young noblemen were ripped away from the folds of their powerful families, and forced into a dark existence on the streets. When these lost lords of London were restored to their rightful place among Polite Society, they weren't the only ones whose lives were irrevocably changed. Innocent ladies now pay the price of their families trickery and cheating...

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