The Poppy Tidemore Chronicles

Were you a fan of Poppy Tidemore and her brother's best friend, Tristan Poplar, former Earl of Maxwell? Check out these Bonus scence of Poppy and Tristan from the years before they fell in love! 
Installment 1 -- Before the Season
Installment 2 --Poppy's Debut
Installment 3 -- A Meeting in Hyde Park

Dare and Temperance-Childhood Sweethearts 

Ah, Dare and Temperance from Undressed with the Marquess. He's one of my lost lords and she, the seamstress who captured his heart. They were two of my most tragic characters, who found love and happiness in one another. Want to see how far back sparks flew between them? Check out the bonus scene of Dare and Temperance from when they were younger!
Installment 1 -- Childhood Sweathearts

The Marcia and Andrew Chronicles

From the moment I wrote To Trust a Rogue, and met Eleanor’s young daughter, Marcia, I just fell in love with her. This adorable, spirited girl just melted my heart, and I could not wait to write her story someday. In fact, the moment I finished writing To Trust a Rogue in 2015, the first thing I wrote immediately after it was…the Prologue to Marcia’s book. I was absolutely sure who Marcia’s hero would be. In fact, I was so sure I would wrote short scenes featuring Marcia Gray and Andrew Barrett, the Viscount Waters, a secondary character from The Heart of a Scoundrel. These scenes were first shared with my private reader’s group, and then my newsletter subscribers however, I’m now sharing this bonus material for the first time on my website!

Installment 1 -- Sneaking Out

The Chronicle of Cara and Jane

Ah, Cara. She was one of the first Diamonds I ever wrote. She was lonely and miserable, and put up an icy exterior to cope, and was the absolute worst student to her finishing school instructor, Miss Jane Munroe--now, the Marchioness of Waverly. And also...Cara's half-sister. Check out the reunion between the two sisters, who find forgiveness and make amends!       
         Installment 1 -- The Meeting