Book 19 >The Heart of a Duke

Lady Caroline Brookfield and Wynn Masterson, the Marquess of Exmoor (formerly the Earl of Astor) 

With ruin bearing down on his sisters, Wynn Masterson, Marquess of Exmoor, must find a respectable wife posthaste. Lovely and formidable brides-to-be accost him from one end of Mayfair to the other, but it’s the retiring Lady Caroline Brookfield who catches his eye.

Lady Caroline has a scandalous past, and worse yet, she’s the sister of Wynn’s former fiancée—one of his former fiancées, that is. Caroline is all wrong for the marquessate and exactly right for the man, but how can Wynn choose between the woman he adores and the future his siblings are depending on him to secure?

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