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From USA TODAY Bestselling author Christi Caldwell comes the return of the Scandalous Seasons Series. Be swept away in the passion, drama, and splendor of Regency England, where the ballrooms glitter and the dukes are sexy and brooding, and the ladies dare to love.

Endlessly Courted, Finally Loved

Featuring the romance of Lady Beatrice Dennington and Laird Hamish, Earl of Brewster.

A Clever Charade
Lady Beatrice Dennington has become the most courted lady of the ton–not bad for a duke’s sister. Only problem being is that the courting has never ended with an offer of marriage. Every single gentleman who has courted her has found his true love, and it hasn’t been Beatrice.

Her last humiliation, has Beatrice fed up with being a prize never claimed. She’s decided to betroth herself to a dashing Scottish laird–a completely fictional Scottish laird. Imagine Beatrice’s shock when her pretend sweetheart waltzes into her life so they can continue their romance.

Lord Hamish Campbell is a man out for revenge. He will use anyone or anything in order to seek his vengeance–even the sweet, Lady Beatrice Dennington. It’s the lady’s own bad luck that she used the name of a real man for her ruse.

A Chance for Love
Driven by their own reasons, Beatrice and Hamish unite in the ultimate charade.

With each passing day they spend together, the line between real and pretend is blurred. And it isn’t long before Beatrice finds herself falling completely for the dashing Scot. Can she show a man buried in the past, to embrace a future…with her? Or is Hamish’s need for revenge destined to keep them apart?

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