Taming of the Beast

Book 2 in the >Scandalous Affairs

Intrigued by the scandal of London’s Lost Lords, intrepid Miss Faye Poplar resolves to untangle the mystery of those complicit in the disappearance of the young lords and ladies-even if it leads her to the steps of the most powerful peers. But she’ll require the help only one man can provide…the ruthless, Beast of Newgate.

Caught up in his own crimes, Tynan Wylie, the Beast of Newgate, finds himself behind bars of the same prison he once ran. When he’s freed with Faye’s help, he has no intention of repaying her debt. His only focus is reclaiming his place of power, overseeing the most ruthless criminals in London. 

Except, Faye didn’t go to the trouble of freeing Tynan only to face his rejection, and it isn’t long before Tynan understands how tenacious and charming the young miss can be. When Faye’s research into the disappearances open up an even darker danger, Tynan becomes the only person she can depend on. Despite vowing to never be weakened by love, Tynan finds himself falling for the one woman he can never have.

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