The Lure of a Rake

The Heart of a Duke Book 9



In Need of a Knight

When Lady Genevieve Farendale meets Cedric Falcot, the Marquess of St. Alban’s... all her best plans for an eventless London Season are foiled by the lure of a rake...

A Lady Dreaming of Love 
Lady Genevieve Farendale has a scandalous past. Jilted at the altar years earlier and exiled by her family, she’s now returned to London to prove she can be a proper lady. Even though she’s not given up on the hope of marrying for love, she’s wary of trusting again. Then she meets Cedric Falcot, the Marquess of St. Albans whose seductive ways set her heart aflutter. But with her sordid history, Genevieve knows a rake can also easily destroy her. 

An Unlikely Pairing 
What begins as a chance encounter between Cedric and Genevieve, becomes something more. As they continue to meet, passions stir. But with Genevieve's hope for true love, she fears Cedric will be unable to give up his wayward lifestyle. After all, Cedric has spent years protecting his heart, and keeping everyone out. Slowly, she chips away at all the walls he's built, but when he falters, Genevieve can't offer him redemption. Now, it's up to Cedric to prove to Genevieve that the love of a man is far more powerful than the lure of a rake.

Head tipped back, with his eyes closed, the morning’s rays bathed Cedric’s face in sunlight. “Who was he?” he asked, unmoving from his repose. 

Genevieve blinked several times believing she’d imagined his question. “My lord?” she asked tentatively. 

“The gentleman to account for your wariness.” 

She drew her book closer. “It would hardly be appropriate to speak of such intimate matters.”

“Bah, mine is hardly an intimate question.” Opening his eyes, the marquess picked his head up, and favored her with her a slow, seductive grin. “Were I to ask you the scent of oil you place in your bathwater, or dab behind your ears, now that I allow would be intimate...for some.” 

Despite a suitable wariness where this man was concerned, a smile pulled at her lips over that telltale pause. With his charm, Cedric was a rake who could coax the queen out of her chemise. “Tell me, my lord, do you work hard at shocking young ladies?”

“Hardly.” He winked. “I assure you, it comes quite naturally.”