In Need of a Knight

A Prequel Novella

Over the years, I received many emails asking where one might find In Need of a Duke, the prequel story for my Heart of a Duke series. Originally featured as part of a limited edition collection, when the collection was unpublished, so too was In Need of a Duke

More than two years ago, when I received all my rights back, I put Aldora and Michael’s story through a rewrite, adding a new prologue, epilogue, characters, and expanded scenes. However, I still did not publish the book, since retitled In Need of a Knight...until now. Why?  You see, when I met Aldora’s friends in the prologue and the book, I was intrigued. Here were new ladies sitting and plotting and dreaming of love. I could not simply forget those characters, and yet neither, given the timeline of the “Heart of a Duke” series, could I tell their stories, either. Then, one of Aldora’s friends ‘spoke to me’, and spurred the creation of Schooling the Duke, Book 1 in the Heart of a Scandal series, the first ever Heart of a Duke spin-off series. 

The Heart of a Scandal will feature beloved primary and secondary characters you’ve met in my Heart of a Duke world, as well as new heroes and heroines you haven’t. 

As such, this new edition, In Need of a Knight is a prequel story to two series: the Heart of a Duke and the Heart of a Scandal, which is coming April 7th.  

Thank you so much for reading, and for all your emails. Your letters are the reason this book found its way back to publication! I hope you enjoy Aldora and Michael’s story! 

Tremendous Hugs