Lords of Honor the Collection


Find out why New York Times Bestseller Tessa Dare says “a Christi Caldwell book never fails to touch the heart” and why New York Times Bestseller Mary Balogh calls Christi Caldwell a “Must Read!”

Lords of Honor: A Historical Regency Romance Collection
For the first time ever, readers can have the entire five-book Lords of Honor series on one set!Be prepared to swoon, sigh, and smile as these soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars capture the hearts of some of society’s most scandalous ladies!

The collection includes:

  • Seduced by a Lady’s Heart
  • Captivated by a Lady’s Charm
  • Rescued by a Lady’s Love
  • Tempted by a Lady’s Smile
  • Courting Poppy Tidemore
  • Seduced by a Lady’s Heart

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Seduced by a Lady’s Heart
Lady Eloise Yardley has loved Lieutenant Lucien Jones since they were children. Having long ago given up on the dream of him, she married another. Years later, she is a young, lonely widow who does not fit in with the ton. When Lucien’s family enlists her aid to reunite father and son, she leaps at the opportunity to not only help her friend…but to win his love once and for all. That is, if Lucien can set aside the pain of his past and risk all on a lady’s heart.

Captivated by a Lady’s Charm
In need of a wife:
Christian Villiers, the Marquess of St. Cyr, despises the role he’s been cast into as fortune hunter but requires the funds to keep his marquisate solvent.

In want of a husband:
Lady Prudence Tidemore’s life is plagued by familial scandals, which makes her own marital prospects rather grim. Surely there is one gentleman of the ton who can look past her family and see just her and all she has to offer?

When Prudence runs into Christian on a London street, the charming, roguish gentleman immediately captures her attention. But then a chance meeting becomes a waltz, and then…so much more. But is love enough to help Christian conquer the demons of his past?

Rescued by a Lady’s Love
Destitute and determined to finally be free of any man’s shackles, Lily Benedict sets out to salvage her honor. With no choice but to commit a crime that will save her from her past, she enters the home of the recluse, Derek Winters, the new Duke of Blackthorne. But entering the “Beast of Blackthorne’s” lair proves more threatening than she ever imagined.

Tempted by a Lady’s Smile
Gemma Reed has not been treated kindly by the ton. Often disregarded for her appearance and interests unlike those of a proper lady, Gemma heads to a house party to win the heart of Lord Westfield, the man she’s loved for years. But her plan is set off course by the tempting and intriguing, Richard Jonas.

Courting Poppy Tidemore:
Her name preceded her…
Lady Poppy Tidemore’s notorious family scandals assure her place in not-so-polite society. Of course, she didn’t help matters…with an infamous art lesson that left her name ruined. Now, Poppy’s only hope is to accept her sister’s invitation to live at the Paradise, the illustrious hotel owned by her brother-in-law. There she’ll be able to pursue her artistic studies without judgment. Except someone else at the Paradise knows Poppy, someone who used to occupy her girlish dreams: Lord Tristan. Thankfully, Poppy’s no longer that naïve little girl, moonstruck by the charming rogue. In fact, over the years, she and Tristan have become unlikely friends. So, there should be no problem living under the same roof…or at least, that’s what she keeps telling herself…

His reputation precluded him…
Scoundrel. Scapegrace. Soldier. That’s how he’s known…and not in that order. Tristan Poplar, now Baron Bolingbroke, has lost everything. Upon learning of his father’s dubious role in the disappearance of the rightful Maxwell heir he’s lost not only his title and wealth, but also his respectability. He’s determined to restore his honor at all costs. However, honor proves a tricky thing – as does self-restraint—the more time he spends with alluring Poppy Tidemore.

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