It Happened One Winter

Book 4 in the >Scandalous Affairs Series

Mr. Martin Phippen, a highly successful London builder, is forced by a business partner’s foolish decision, to take on a project in the wretchedly scenic wilds of Yorkshire. Three little scamps have made his work site their private playground, and Martin is determined that their mischief be curtailed before somebody gets badly hurt.  

Widowhood means Mrs. Christina Thacker has her hands full with her children, while her exchequer is distressingly empty. To remedy her lack of funds, she focuses on making a match at her sister’s upcoming house party. When Christina’s energies should be fixed on finding security for her family, she is instead powerfully drawn to the blunt, irascible Londoner with callused hands, sharp wit… and also, an intrinsic honor.  

As passions flare between Christina and Martin, she must choose between a future defined by predictable security, or one built—with Martin—on a foundation of love.  

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