Where is the first "Heart of a Duke" book?? 

February 03, 2017
Dear Readers, 
I often receive questions from readers about the prequel novella to my "Heart of a Duke" series. So many want to know where they can find it, and the answer is...nowhere. Or that has been the case. Previously titled In Need of a Duke, the book featured Lady Aldora Adamson and the hero, Lord Michael Knightly. Originally part of a collection that was unpublished, so, too was In Need of a Duke. 
I'm happy to say, in March, the novella will be re-issued for publication! Now titled, In Need of a Knight, Lady Aldora's story will be available to readers this March! The story features not only a new cover, but a new prologue, revised scenes, and new, never before met characters! 
In Need of a Knight will be available March 31st at all sales channels! 

In Need of a Knight

Years earlier, a gypsy woman passed to Lady Aldora Adamson and her friends a heart pendant that promised them each the heart of a duke. 

Now, a young lady, with her family facing ruin and scandal, Lady Aldora doesn't have time for mythical stories about cheap baubles. She needs to save her younger siblings and has resigned herself to marrying a titled gentleman with wealth, power, and a respectable name. She sets her bespectacled sights upon the Marquess of St. James. Until...
An Unexpected Meeting

Turned out by his father after a tragic scandal, Lord Michael Knightly has grown into a powerful, but self-made man. With the whispers and stares that still follow him, he's been shut out of respectable society. He would rather be anywhere but London... 

Then he meets Lady Aldora, a young woman who mistakes him for his brother, the Marquess of St. James. The connection between Aldora and Michael is immediate and as they come to know one another, Aldora's feelings for Michael grow. 

Now, Aldora is left to choose between her responsibilities as a sister and her love for Michael. 

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