The Rogue Who Rescued Her is Now Available!

October 02, 2018
The Rogue Who Rescued Her

The Rogue Who Rescued Her, Book 3 in the USA Today Bestselling series  is here!

I am so excited to share Graham and Martha's story with you!! Some unknown/little known facts about their story:

1. Graham is mentioned first in The Spy Who Seduced Her. Nathaniel Archer rolled his eyes at the idea of him serving the Home Office. As such, a central theme of this story looks at how people/society judge one another. (Past heroes and heroines we've loved are not without their flaws in this.) 

2. We'll get another glimpse of the Barretts (The Heart of a Scoundrel, To Enchant a Wicked Duke, and The Spy Who Seduced Her) and find out how they're faring. 

3. A scene in The Rogue Who Rescued Her was inspired by the song 'Something to Talk About" from About a Boy. (which is also one of my favorite movies of all time.) If you're not familiar with the song, I'm attaching a YouTube link!

If you haven't ordered yet you can find it now at ALL the sales channels!! Audio and print will be coming soon!


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