The Lady's Guard Release Day!

July 25, 2017

It's release day!!

Book 3, in my Sinful Brides series went live at Amazon today. The Lady's Guard is one of my darker stories to date. It tells the tale of Niall Marksman. Ruthless, cynical, a bastard born to the streets, there is nothing 'blue-blooded' about him. Niall is all street. As such, it was fascinating exploring his journey. 
Then there is his heroine...Lady Diana Verney.
On the surface, one might expect Lady Diana, a duke's daughter, is largely untouched by life: pampered, protected, and cherished. Yett, there is so, so much more to her. Just as there is so much more to Niall. 
I'd come across and early review on "The Lady's Guard" by Tracy DeNeal of TittleTattler Books blog, and she so eloquently captured the pairing that is Niall and Diana. She said: "On the surface, these two people should have never met. Beneath the surface, where it really counts, her lonely met his lonely. His tortured soul is soothed and healed by her giving and loving soul." 
And that's what this book is the story of...two tortured souls who are saved by the healing power of love. 
I truly hope you love "The Lady's Guard"! 
Happy Reading! 

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