The Dukes of Vauxhall Now Available for Pre-Order

May 02, 2017

Last year I received an email from the fabulous Shana Galen. She, along with Vanessa Kelly and Theresa Romain had the idea for a collection featuring dukes at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Everybody loves a duke, but this collection, however, *really* called to me because not all the dukes were necessarily titled gentleman...but rather men somehow connected with the name/title! I was fascinated...and from that invitation, the idea for a bare-knuckle fighter, the Duke of the Ring, was born! My original novella featured in the set tells the story of Lord Godrick Gunnery and Miss Patience Storm. It's a tale of lovers reunited, and a second chance at love! 

From "Fighting for His Lady"
Fighting for Survival . . .
Years earlier Patience Storm, daughter of a late great fighter, had her heart broken by Godrick Gunnery. One of the most talented fighters ever trained by her father, Godrick lived with her family, and stole her heart...all the while withholding the truth of his identity. The day his betrayal was revealed, she vowed to banish him from her life forever. Now her father's gone, her family's in dire financial straits, and her brother's in desperate need of an instructor to prepare him for a match against England's most ruthless fighter. With nowhere else to turn, she sets aside her pride and seeks out the one man she swore never to see again.

Fighting for Redemption . . .
Godrick Gunnery’s mistakes cost him the only woman he ever loved, and he paid the price with a broken heart. After he lost Patience Storm, he devoted himself to building a fighting club that would rival Gentleman Jackson's. But wealth and power hasn’t filled the hole in his empty life and he’s reminded of all he lost when Patience comes to him with a favor.

Former Lovers Reunited . . .
As Patience and Godrick work together to prepare her brother for the big fight at Vauxhall, passions flare, and they remember the love they once shared. But when the past resurfaces, Godrick will have to wage the most important fight of his life—the one for Patience's love.
I can't wait for you to read their tale on May 9th! If you haven't preordered "The Dukes of Vauxhall, it is available at all major sales channels! 

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