It began with...Dessert...

March 23, 2018
May's title, Rogues Rush In began with dessert... In started specifically with THIS dessert...
But I've gotten ahead of myself. 
Technically, the dream of the collection, and its inception began over dinner with an author whose work I've adored since she first emerged in Romancelandia--the Incomparable, Tessa Dare. 
Last July, the RWA's annual conference took place in Walt Disney World, and Tessa Dare and I scheduled a time to meet and chat. I first discovered Tessa's work when my now nine year old son was just a baby, and I myself had written only one book, but hadn't even pursued publication. I was in awe of her storytelling. She made me laugh, at a time in my life when I desperately needed it. She made me sigh. And boy did she write sexy. 
And we planned to meet. It was, for me, surreal and wonderful...and scary all at the same time. After all, it's all too easy to create unrealistic levels of greatness for those we admire. Then wet met. And she was gracious and warm and when we talked, it was like I'd known her forever. She had me laughing out loud throughout our meal and even more so at dessert. 
It was at that meeting that it came to me...a Regency Duet comprised of new material. 
And then she said 'yes'! Which is a perfect segue INTO the collection. 
Two scandalous brides...
Two rogues who won’t be denied...
Rogues Rush In is a collection you will not want to miss!! 

Out May 22nd

You can find it for Pre-Order at all sales channels now!

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