What is Coming...??

August 19, 2017

I hope you've all been enjoying a wonderful summer! It's been a wonderful one here: between fun in the sun with my little ones and tapping away on my laptop, books you'll see coming in 2017 and 2018!

I've received a number of messages/emails asking: what's coming next? And I'm thrilled to share details with those of you who don't yet know...

September 8th, I will launch a new trilogy, The Brethren. This 'new' world merges two of my series: The Brethren of the Lords and The Heart of a Duke. The heroes of the series are as follows:

1. Nathaniel Archer, the Earl of Exeter (former spy)
2. the Marquess of Tennyson (resident rake) 
3. Mr. Colin Lockhart (Bow Street runner and bastard) 

Book 1, The Spy Who Seduced Her, will feature Nathaniel Archer whom readers meet in My Lady of Deception and the heroine is Victoria Barrett, the Viscountess Waters (The Heart of a Scoundrel and To Enchant a Wicked Duke). 

They are two characters who are in their forties, who'd been separated years earlier. So if you like lovers reunited and mature heroes/heroines, this tale has it! 

Coming September 8th to every sales channel! Preorder links will be coming!!

Now for a teaser from The Spy Who Seduced Her!

“What of you, Victoria?” Nathaniel beat his hat in an offbeat rhythm against his thigh. “Did you... travel in my absence? Visit any of the places we spoke of?”

“Me?” She touched a hand to her chest. A small, quiet laugh escaped her. “I wedded, gave birth, and cared for three children. There were no travels,” she finished, unable to keep the laments from creeping in. 

“You might still see all those places we...” She raised stricken eyes to his. “*You* longed to.” 

There was something so very heartbreaking in the emphasis he placed upon that lonely syllable.


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